Lily Vacation Farm House | Tranquil Farmhouse in Rizal

Finding a place to unwind over the weekend but with only a couple of days to spare? Fret not, I’d love to share with you a place I was invited to over the last weekend. (Feb. 8-9, 2019) Lily Vacation farm House is just a 3-hour drive southeast of Manila. This modern and charming farmhouseContinue reading “Lily Vacation Farm House | Tranquil Farmhouse in Rizal”

Isola di Francesco | Virgin Island | Free Tour

Have you heard of the virgin island in Bohol? Which one have you been to because there are actually two! Well, I will be talking about Isola di Francisco on this blog. The island’s municipal name is Pontod island. They just called it Virgin island to attract more tourists. It is owned by Ramon RodriguezContinue reading “Isola di Francesco | Virgin Island | Free Tour”

Cruising Through Loboc River | Floating Restaurant | Must-Do in Bohol

Finally, I get to experience one of the famous attractions in Bohol. The Loboc river! When in Bohol, it is a must that every tourist should try this. After having gone to a lot of places that day, me and the group were starving. We were on a countryside tour and the Loboc river isContinue reading “Cruising Through Loboc River | Floating Restaurant | Must-Do in Bohol”

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Beach Resort | Boracay

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Beach Resort is a beachfront property ideally located in the middle portion of the world famous White Beach. Our beachfront is occupied by our popular restaurant and bar and immediately behind, in a tropical garden setting, are the cottages so they do not have a seaview. This is a standard beachfront resort design to promote tranquility and security at night for the cottage guests. We are right on White Beach, near Boat Station 2. For more information please visit our official website at or for a better idea of Nigi’s location and setting please check and search for Nigi Nigi Nu Noos video.

Anawangin Cove | Wooshes and Airwaves

Anawangin Cove located in San Antonio, Zambales is just a 4-hour drive from Manila and is one of the famous campsites and one of the famous coves in Zambales. Camping at Anawangin cove gives you the back-to-basics experience because the place has no source of electricity, there are no hotels, bars, or restaurants around theContinue reading “Anawangin Cove | Wooshes and Airwaves”