Todd English Food Hall | Fine Dining at SM Aura, Taguig

After all the hype and the reviews, I felt so ecstatic to dine here!

The place is classy, dim, spacious, elegant and sophisticated. I feel like I’m in one of Chef Ramsey’s restaurant. With the ambiance, the music and chef’s where you can see them prepare some of the dishes

Before dining here I checked most of the reviews in looloo about TE. So I would have an idea what dishes should we order and what not.

We ended up ordering most of the dishes that have good reviews which include the Fig and Prosciutto flatbread.

Fig and Prosciutto flatbread | P620.00

It was good at first, sweet and salty, but as you eat it, the taste becomes too strong for my taste buds. The gorgonzola (a veined Italian blue cheese) overpowers the sweetness of the fig jam. Too salty for my taste and if I decided to eat more of the flatbread it’s gonna fill my tummy real quick which I didn’t want to happen coz we still have a lot of dishes waitin.

We also tried the TE half chicken which was so good. It was soft, tender and juicy. It is also best eaten together with its side dish which consists of roasted corn, tomatoes, and french beans served with mango vinaigrette.

TE half chicken | P390.00

We partnered our TE half chicken with their Wagyu beef rice which is already good on its own. You can eat it without any viands. It was flavorful and oh so yummy. It has lots of wagyu beef slices in it too and other different ingredients in it.

Wagyu Beef Rice

Its unlikely to read a review about TE without the mention of its famous desert. The OMG Chocolate cake. I think it has become one of their signature dishes. Well yea, it is one helluva a desert! I find it unique compared to other chocolate cakes esp. With the presentation. It also has lovely different textures and different types of chocolate or ganache. The taste also reminds me of the scrap from a brownie mix. Where everytime me and my sisters bake brownies or chocolate cakes we are always tempted or we never fail to lick the bowl clean. The OMG cake tastes like that with just different textures.


OMG Cake

The place is also one of a kind. Compared to the best or high-end restaurants in the metro this place is one of the best. Excluding the restaurants at some of the hotels. Todd English gives you the feel of dining in at an upscale restaurant in New York where you can see the chefs working in the kitchen. They made the place look classier and elegant because of the instrumental music playing in the background. Their powder room is one of the best I’ve seen as well. A faucet hanging from the ceiling and a floor to ceiling glass wall where it gives you a skyline view of BGC (Bonifacio Global City)

It was a grrrreaaat experience. I’d like to say splendid but I don’t want to exaggerate. Hahaha. I wanna come back and try their tacos with pear salsa I think it is called. Coz that is the only dish we haven’t tried that was included in some of the many good reviews about TE.

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